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  • “I was in a region with people called the Yoruba,” he said. “Their language was very difficult to learn, but I did learn a few greetings.” Oakland, who is retired, is a former president of ...
  • Ileoduduwa the Source and Odu’a Organization of Michigan wishes our followers and audience a happy thanksgiving weekend. Yoruba Class is postpone due to the holiday weekend. We want to congratulate our Yoruba instructor Alagba Adébóyè Adégbénró Happy Belated Birthday.
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Face-to-Face 1-to-1 (Individual) Business Yoruba These Yoruba Lessons are intended for people who really need to learn Yoruba to help make that difference in their work. For beginners, it will be useful to learn greetings and basic business etiquette, at higher levels reading and then writing become more important.